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How to really listen? Can you really help anybody? What good is democracy for poor people? End the Fed? The media get us into wars? Or anywhere? What should we or should we not do in Syria? North Korea? To the Palestinians? Our bankrupt "Social Security", Medicare, and Medicaid, and political cowardice? What was once our "dollar" is now worth 5 cents? And it's getting worse? We are in a "recovery"? What is the Rule of 72 and how does it apply? Premarital sex? Which economists and financiers have the best understanding of "the big picture"?

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Are our big problems domestic or foreign? Our federal government solves problems? Businesses paying for employee medical costs and ex-employees' retirements? Financially "characterizing" your own business? Exercising to lose weight? What's the trend? See the numbers yourself. The "trust fund"? The 10th Amendment? Failed random drug test? Also a five-day suspension. Bartley resigned and later pleaded guilty to attempting to manufacture the methamphetamine that caused the explosion The explosion, prosecutors said in August, blew out four shatterproof windows and raised the temperature within the building to degrees When an officer distorts the truth, violent criminals can walk free and innocent people can go to prison.

More broadly, it undermines trust in the system.

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However, American police are trained to use methods of deception, intimidation and manipulation to circumvent these restrictions. In other words, cops routinely break the law—in letter and in spirit—in the name of enforcing the law. Several examples of this are widely known, if not widely understood The police can, and do, routinely break the law and violate individual rights, knowing that there will be no adverse repercussions for them having done so.

A stark case study in that kind of manipulation can be found in video of a arrest in Florida that was released in January and recently came to my attention.

Download PDF Copaganda: Why The Constitution Doesnt Apply To You

What follows, if we are to judge by the history of fallen civilizations:. Twitter purchased and launched Periscope, " All I wanted was something to eat Do they even have enough intellect to get what Putin is saying — that they are helping to push the planet towards World War III?

Researchers found that less than 5 percent of all calls dispatched to police are made quickly enough for officers to stop a crime or arrest a suspect. They aim to disarm ordinary nonviolent citizens, even those who face high risk of criminal attack, and substitute police protection in place of self-defense. Meanwhile the police will not be held liable to individual citizens for failing to defend them Why police misconduct is worse than you know?

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Because you taxpayer are not allowed to know What about police misconduct in your city? The nationwide epidemic persists, in large part, because of laws and policies that screen police misconduct from public view According to a review by the New York public radio station WNYC, in 23 states, police-misconduct information is effectively confidential. In 15 states, misconduct information is mostly kept from the public except under certain circumstances Compilation of cops arrested for child porn as of Aug.

The truth is the truth is the truth—and when the police conceal evidence of the truth, and prosecutors suppress evidence of the truth, and expert witnesses misrepresent the truth, they have ploughed up the level field upon which a constitutionally fair criminal trial should be played out Their broad discretion gives them enormous power Which cases they choose to pursue is pretty much up to them All of this helps to explain why political opponents -- recognizing the power an attorney general wields -- have sought to link them to official misconduct.

In , a man named Vladek Filler was accused of and charged with beating and sexually assaulting his then-wife for the previous two years. The two were locked in a bitter divorce when she made the accusation. She also claimed he molested their children. Kellett prosecuted the case, and edited video of Filler's wife admitting she only made the accusations to get custody of the children in the divorce.

But the system for keeping track of these cases is disorganized, making it likely there are still more immunity deals that have been cut Indeed, throughout the justice system — from arraignment to sentencing — when people experience a two-tiered system of justice that stacks the deck against those living in poverty, these broader failures erodes trust, too. Obama even suggested that police were to blame for the violence against them and that they'd be "a lot safer" if they'd admit it's their fault.

There seems to be a very cavalier attitude [in the White House] for the purpose of creating confusion. The reliability of annual and biannual FBI crime data has frequently been challenged, in part because it relies on self-reporting by law enforcement officials who may be motivated to either exaggerate or downplay crime in their jurisdictions.

FLIR: Thermal Imaging on the Beat

The numbers have been so low, according to him, that the only way they can go is up. And his willingness to disseminate misinformation appears to eclipse his peers. The president repeatedly cited statistics on the campaign trail that were flawed or false Here is a list of current proven equipment used by law enforcement, given to them through the Pentagons Federal program Welcome to Cop Blaster!

Are you sick of having to answer to them in their courts and would rather make them answer to you in your court?

Why I started this blog | Deborah Lee Jarrett

Because the half-life of DU is millions of years, the massive quantities dropped in Iraq over the course of the invasion continue to pose a serious health risk to those exposed to it In the case, Briscoe v. LaHue, for example, the Supreme Court held that police officers have absolute immunity to civil liability for testimony that they give as witnesses—even when they commit perjury. The protection against civil liability runs deep, with absolutely immunity extending not only to officers who commit perjury, but also to prosecutors who knowingly rely on perjured testimony.

This principle was articulated in in Imbler v.

"What Constitution?" - Arrested for Contempt of Cop in Buena Vista VA - TYRANT ALERT! - Part 1

Pachtman, in which the Court ruled that a prosecutor had absolute immunity and could not be held civilly liable for having knowingly using perjured testimony that led to an innocent person being imprisoned for nine years. This means that government officials can be held liable only if they violate clearly established law that a reasonable officer would know. In case after case, the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts have found that police officers could not be held liable for excessive force because there was not a case on point explicitly disapproving such conduct Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons.

Time Ascending Order. Most recent articles added at bottom of page. There are no hard national standards, no binding state policies, not even a national database that tracks how often, where, and under what circumstances police use deadly force. The result, say scholars, is a free-wheeling space in American law and police policy.

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Although Congress instructed the Attorney General in to compile and publish annual statistics on police use of excessive force, this was never carried out, and the FBI does not collect this data either. How often do police use force? How often is it excessive force? And how often does that excessive force result in a civilian's death? It's no surprise, then, that the IACP study found that of the 8, citizen complaints about police use of force that were reported to the project from —out of a total , incidents—only resulted in the complaint being upheld after investigation.

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Huffington Post Everyday, police across the country have immense discretion in deciding how to treat those Here are the top stories in police misconduct in Here are 8 terrifying police brutality stories that will shock you. Yes, some lie for a living and defend murderers for money -- but the system simply doesn't work without them. No doubt most are honest folk who do their jobs within the code of ethics all attorneys work under. When lawyers go bad, holy crap do they make the most of it. It began when cops spied a busted headlight on a white Honda at an Arkansas gas station in It ended after a police chase culminated with officers shooting 15 times into that Honda.

The driver and his girlfriend were killed. The driver's daughter said in a lawsuit that police used unreasonable force. A court agreed. Now the fight goes to the Supreme Court. Lawyers for police will argue Tuesday that officers have broad discretion in such cases. And the question in this case is: How outrageous was the police behavior? It might land one of them in jail for up to two years! Thankfully none were from North Dakota or Minnesota. But National Guard representatives are saying it's an embarrassment, and they hope it doesn't paint them in a bad light.

When he became suspicious of, and started questioning, actions by police and prosecutors in criminal cases he became the victim of political reprisal and personal intimidation that ultimately forced him off the bench. And after how his tenure ended, he said they were right to be worried. Prosecutors Balk at Being Held Accountable…. You better follow the rules or we are coming after you and will make an example. Your bar licenses will be in jeopardy. We will take your license. The violations include instances in which attorneys who have a duty to uphold justice have, according to the internal affairs office, misled courts, withheld evidence that could have helped defendants, abused prosecutorial and investigative power, and violated constitutional rights.

In the majority of the matters—more than —OPR categorized the violations as being at the more severe end of the scale: recklessness or intentional misconduct, as distinct from error or poor judgment. As a general practice, the Justice Department does not make public the names of attorneys who acted improperly or the defendants whose cases were affected.

The result: the Department, its lawyers, and the internal watchdog office itself are insulated from meaningful public scrutiny and accountability. We have the ongoing revelations over police lies and their coercion of others to lie in the Hillsborough disaster cover-up see Hillsborough inquiry Such tactics clearly have continued for years with many undercover police officers lies leading to convictions However, the question must surely now be asked: is lying among the police an endemic international problem? If so, what can be done about it? False confessions are a leading cause of wrongful convictions in the United States, and many of them are obtained by detectives using the pervasive Reid technique of interrogation.

A non-profit news outlet in Oakland, Calif. Oakland Police Beat pulls records and statistics from local public court filings and publishes them online for free to highlight the growing number of civil rights violations by the eastern San Francisco bay area law enforcement. Oakland Local is the non-profit news outlet behind the launch of Oakland Police Beat.